Your Destiny is Calling

Your Destiny is Calling

Today’s Scripture:

Luke 1:59–60, NIV

On the eighth day they came to circumcise the child, and they were going to name him after his father Zechariah, but his mother spoke up and said, “No! He is to be called John.”

Today’s Word:

It’s interesting that when John the Baptist was born, the neighbors and relatives decided his name should be Zechariah, after the father. But even before John was conceived, the angel Gabriel had told Zechariah that his name was John, and he would walk in the spirit and power of Elijah and prepare the people for the Lord.

We all have “theys” in our life. We should take counsel and listen to advice, but you cannot let other people name your future. Sometimes people will try to name you something you’re not. They’ll name you addicted, or average, or not that talented. Don’t let them put limitations on you and convince you that you can’t accomplish your dreams. The principle is: let your heavenly Father name your future. You are who God says you are blessed, strong, talented, prosperous, forgiven, and healthy. God is telling you what you can become. Your destiny is calling. You have to believe it, then you’ll see it.

Prayer for Today:

“Father, thank You that You put a promise and dream in my heart. Thank You for calling me to my destiny. I’m not going to be moved by who’s not cheering me on. I know You being for me is more than enough to get me to where I’m supposed to be. In Jesus’ Name,


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